“Entrepreneurship is learning as much as possible, as quickly as possible” 

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Meet the entrepreneurial #fitgirls

Martine de Ridder

Martine’s favorite quote: “Validate or die”

Martine de Ridder (30) co-founded her first company at the age of 24. At the age of 27, she started working with start-ups and scale-ups all over the world. She joined an innovation lab, became part of the biggest accelerator of Latin-America, contributed to the most famous incubator of Europe, and helped Fortune 500 companies with customer and business development. 

It’s been a pretty crazy rollercoaster, and she’s just getting started. Martine has decided to join forces with Danique and take on the next challenge in WBC: unleash the entrepreneurial spirit within corporate teams. Because what’s not to like about pushing (people’s) boundaries..?

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Danique’s favorite quote: “Advertising may win quarters, innovation wins decades” (okay Igor Beuker said that, but she wish she did..)

Danique Wiltink (34) founded her first company at the age of 25 and won the TedX Start-Up Awards in 2015. In 2016, she made it to the list of 50 Most Promising Entrepreneurial Talents by the Dutch Financial Times (FD) and the list of 30 Women to Watch by TNW. She raised over €600.000 in funding, was named Most Talented Leading Online Entrepreneur of the Year (LOEY) in 2017 and nr. 43 on Forbes’ list of Women Founders To Follow on Social in 2018.

Sounds pretty good, ha?! You should hear her talk about her failures: way more interesting...! These entrepreneurial lessons combined with her professional expertise in education and passion for innovation resulted in WBC. At WBC she helps teams design amazing innovation and create new valuable products and services, as fast as possible.

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