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With who do we design amazing innovation?


The manager (7 - 40 employees)

You are ready to launch a new, innovative, surprising product or service. You can’t wait to do this with your team, but you know their current skills, tools and mindset aren’t sufficient.

It’s time to take the team’s skills to the next level, and provide them with a new set of business tools to make innovation happen.

Where we come in…

Together we establish an entrepreneurial way of thinking, so employees can thrive. We trigger creativity, ownership and co-innovation.

We can build and coach your team in working agile, doing experiments and how to co-innovate. The result: valuable products and services for your customers, big time credits for you.


The executive (40+ employees)

You are responsible for making amazing innovation happen, and you know that trying new things will drive optimal revenue and value.

Your company is ready to innovate and develop new business models, and so are your employees. All that’s missing are the right tools, skills and mindset.

Where we come in…

We anchor the desired tools, skills and mindset into the culture of your organization and make sure that innovation and entrepreneurship is embedded into your employees DNA.

Together we can build and coach an internal innovation team, or set up a multi-year transformation program to make the innovation transformation happen.

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